Close Cooperation and Active Exchange with Private Companies

Continuous interest in our activities from the private sector confirms the growing relevance of corporate governance and business ethics as a field of research. Renowned corporate partners representing a rich sample of Austria’s economic landscape have been won as sponsors for the Centre for Corporate Governance & Business Ethics (CCGBE).

Regular exchange with our corporate partners ensures that transfer between theory and practice enriches our work and enhances our impact at CCGBE. We cordially thank our corporate partners for their engagement and commitment.

Profiles of Our Corporate Partners

Berndorf AG is a group of companies active in the metals industry, tool manufacture andengineering. Founded in Berndorf in 1843, today over 60 members of the Berndorf Group are active in more than 20 countries as manufacturing and service organisations.
The Berndorf Foundation’s mission is to assume social responsibility. Berndorf AG and the Berndorf Foundation support non-profit projects, initiatives and institutions, particularly in the fields of entrepreneurship, education and culture.

Dr. Peter Pichler

The term ethics was coined decades ago and has recently returned to centre stage as part of various discussions of conventions and traditions. Our corporation has always placed an especially high value on social ethics – we focus on human relations both internally and with regard to our clients. And when putting business ethics into practice, transparency and creation of a win-win situation are two of our key criteria. Ethics should be firmly anchored in the business world and given much more attention than currently accorded to it.

Mag. (FH) Paul Blaguss
Blaguss Travel GmbH

‘At GlaxoSmithKline we focus on ethics and sustainability and are proud to support an endowed chair dedicated to these fields. We were the first pharmaceutical corporation in the world to publish a position paper and have been publishing our support for patient groups and all our clinical studies on the Internet since 2000. And this seems to be the right strategy – evidence is provided by our numerous awards, such as the most transparent large corporation (One World Trust) and most ethical pharmaceutical company (Covalence), as well as inclusion in Dow Jones Sustainability and in the FTSE4Good Index.’

GlaxoSmithKline Pharma GmbH

Responsibility is fully integrated into our corporate decision-making processes. Our core values include product and service quality, customer satisfaction, simplicity, consistency and responsibility. For us, long-term business success can only be accomplished by assuming responsibility for society, nature and the environment.

We’ve defined the key areas of our sustainable business approach in our corporate responsibility policy. This policy represents a binding operational framework for our employees, business partners and suppliers. An important cornerstone of the policy is responsibility towards our employees. At Hofer, job satisfaction and professional development, training, recognition and job security aren’t just empty words. That’s why our partnership with FHWien is an investment in the future.

Dipl.-BW (FH) Sabine Karls
Hofer KG

Kallco_02‘Profound changes in the economy and fresh challenges in the highly charged relationship between business activity and social development require both a real paradigm shift and a critical assessment of conventionally-held values in many fields. FHWien’s initiative to install an Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance und Business Ethics in their academic programme for future managers in order to expand these key approaches is a vital step. Its importance for the future simply cannot be overestimated. As a responsible real estate developer, Kallco is proud to support this initiative.’

Ing. Stefan Eisinger
Kallco Real Estate Developers GmbH

‘Dynamic shifts in the business environment as well as the society at large require a sharpened sense of responsibility and big-picture entrepreneurial thinking on the part of global corporations. And holding an entrepreneurial mindset means simultaneously having a sustainable mindset. It is for this reason that the Kapsch Group is so concerned with actively supporting the incorporation of sustainability as a research and instructional discipline in the practice-oriented academics of FH Wien.’

Mag. Georg Kapsch
Kapsch Group

Manner_Logo_4c‘Manner supports the endowed chair because the topics of values and ethics also play a central role in our day-to-day business environment. We wish to set an example of how corporations with high codes of ethics can be competitive over the long term. To this end, we advocate the inclusion of value management and ethics in university education by sponsoring this endowed chair. We believe that future managers should be shown early on that it is indeed possible to ensure long-term, sustainable maintenence of a company’s value by following a code of ethics.’

Mag. Albin Hahn
Josef Manner & Comp. AG

‘As real estate developers, we encounter complex problems with social roots. In these cases, ourfirmly anchored values serve to guide us. But recently these values have receded into the background. That’s why it’s so important to show university students different approaches to business decisions that may, and in fact, must be made. Because it is only in harmony with society and with care for individuals and the environment that one can enjoy long-term success. Therefore we are personally committed to ensuring that the Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics becomes a permament component of the academic programme.’

Mag. Hans Jörg Ulreich and Robert Gassner
Ulreich Real Estate Developers GmbH