Center for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics


We have particular research expertise in the areas of Corporate Citizenship, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Strategy. We offer academic teaching in these areas and constantly aim to establish a networking hub between parties with an interest in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics.

  • From Research to Practice

    We investigate a range of theoretical problems together with international researchers. Our findings are made available to different stakeholders – from private companies, to public institutions, non-profit- and non-governmental organizations. This process helps us to provide relevant recommendations to support successful industry projects.

  • Connecting Research and Practice

    We see ourselves as a hub between researchers and representatives of the practicing professions in the field of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. We therefore organize a range of events, which are addressed both to the international research community as well as to representatives of different professional sectors. Together this creates an impact beyond the scientific community and into civil society.


  • Teaching Corporate Responsibility

    We provide courses on Corporate Governance, Business Strategy and Business Ethics. Our teaching conveys knowledge from theory through to practice. Frequent lectures from internationally renowned academics and leading representatives from different industries complement the teaching offered. Our courses are integrated into all of the Master’s programs at the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication. Our senior researchers are also engaged at other international universities.

    FHWien der WKW is a member of PRME


  • Markus Scholz as guest editor of the special issue Review of Managerial Science

    Dr. Markus Scholz (Head of Center for Corporate Governance & Business Ethics) was guest editor of a special issue of “Review of Managerial Science”. The special issue is dedicated to the topic of third-party funding of universities.
    The introduction to the special edition, written by Matthias Fink (Johannes Kepler University Linz), Isabella Hatak (University of St. Gallen), Simon Down (Anglia Ruskin University) and Markus Scholz, is available here:

    Business and human rights: How can companies deal with countries that do not have sufficient human rights protections in place?

    One year after the murder of journalist Jamal Kashoggi in a Saudi embassy, Markus Scholz reflects on corporate reactions to this case and discusses how corporations can navigate this difficult terrain. Other than “business as usual” and a complete boycott of countries guilty of frequent human rights violations, Markus Scholz argues that companies have a range of tools at their disposal for living up to their responsibility and engaging in human rights protection. The article has now been published in “assets”, a German-language practitioner-oriented outlet.

    You can download the article here.

    Brown Bag Meetings: Research Lunch Break

    In the Brown Bag Meetings, current scientific work will be presented and discussed. In a more informal atmosphere, interesting aspects of this work will be presented and the opportunity will be given to get in touch with each other and to network with colleagues.

    Dr. Markus Scholz opened the Brown Bag Meetings this winter semester with his lecture on November 19, 2019. He talked about „Was ist eigentlich Managementwissenschaft?“.