CGBE Lectures

  • The University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication is one of the leading Austrian business school and the Center for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics is the leading national institution for these topics.

    One purpose of our Center is the advancement of interdisciplinary discourse regarding economic and corporate ethics. Since 2012, we have been organizing the CGBE Lecture series on a regular basis. In this series, internationally renowned experts from the scientific and business communities present their perspectives on a variety of topics related to business ethics, corporate governance, CSR and sustainability.

    The lectures are attended by our students and faculty as well as external guests from the private sector, policy-making bodies and the CSR community. In the past the speakers have included, i.a. Prof. Dr. Thomas Beschorner (University of St. Gallen), Prof. Dr. Andreas Georg Scherer (University of Zurich), Prof. Craig Smith (INSEAD) and Prof. Guido Palazzo (University of Lausanne) as well as numerous prominent practitioners.

    The next CGBE Lectures take place at the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna, Austria, 8pm to 9:45pm

    Thursday, 05. October 2017

    Ioannis Ioannou, BSc, PhD
    Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    (London Business School)

    Lecture Title
    Sustainability: From Surviving to Thriving

    Thursday, 12. October 2017

    Dr. Nikos Passas
    Professor and Co-Director of Institute for Security and Public Policy
    (Northeastern University)

    Lecture Title
    Dealing with White-Collar Crime and Corruption by Ordinary People

    Thursday, 19. October 2017

    Andrew Crane, BSc, PhD
    Director of Centre for Business, Organisations and Society
    (University of Bath)

    Lecture Title
    Understanding the business of modern slavery

    Thursday, 02. November 2017

    Victoria Meyer
    (Swiss International Business Academy)

    Lecture Title
    Anti-Money Laundering Controls and promoting Financial Inclusion

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