Ann-Christine Schulz

Dr. Ann-Christine Schulz

Dr. Ann-Christine Schulz is Deputy Head of the Competence Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, which is part of the Research Cluster SMEs and Family Business at the University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication, as well as Cluster Research Coordinator. Before joining FH Wien, Ann-Christine was Assistant Professor of Corporate Strategy at Freie University Berlin and a Visiting Scholar at UC Irvine for several times.​

Dr. Schulz‘ research interests are in the areas of organization theory, corporate restructuring, corporate governance, and behavioral strategy. Her research has been published in international peer-reviewed management journals including the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies and Scandinavian Journal of Management, and has been quoted by the Financial Times. In 2010, she received the Journal of Management Studies Best Paper Award..


Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Schulz, A.-C. & Flickinger, M. (2018). Does (over-)compensation influence corporate reputation? Review of Management Science, DOI: 10.1007/s11846-018-0305-0
  • Schulz, A.-C. & Wiersema, M. F. (2018). The impact of earnings expectations on corporate downsizing. Strategic Management Journal, 39: 2691-2702.
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  • Schulz, A.-C. Nicolai, A. T.. (2015). The intellectual link between management research and popularization media: A bibliometic analysis of the Harvard Business Review. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 14: 31-49.
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  • Nicolai, A. T., Schulz, A.-C. & Thomas, T. W. (2010). What Wall Street wants – Exploring the role of security analysts in the evolution and spread of management concepts. Journal of Management Studies, 47(1): 162-189. Journal of Management Studies Best Paper Award 2010
  • Schulz, A.-C., Nicolai, A. T. & Göbel, M. (2010). Does a joint academic-practitioner review process reconcile rigor and relevance? Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Montreal.

Coverage in Business Press

  • „Beware of Fad-loving Analysts“, The Financial Times, 18th August 2008 (by Stefan Stern).


  • Die Rolle der Finanzanalysten bei der Verbreitung von Managementkonzepten, 2011, Gabler: Wiesbaden

Comissioned Studys

  • Busch, A., Schulz, A.-C. & Scholz, M. (2019): ‘Kooperationen vor dem Hintergrund der digitalen Transformation’. pp 1-36.
  • Busch, A., Schulz, A.-C. & Scholz, M. (2019): ‘Study: Advisory Boards in Austrian Medium-Sized Companies’, pp 1-26.

Practitioner Journals

  • Busch, A.M., Schulz, A.-C. & Scholz, M. (2019): ‘Ungenutzte Chancen für österreichische Mittelunternehmen durch geringe Präsenz von Beiräten’ [Unused opportunities for Austrian medium-sized companies due to the limited presence of advisory boards], Aufsichtsrat aktuell, Ausgabe 4/2019, 26-30.
  • Busch, A.M., Schulz, A.-C. & Scholz, M. (2019): ‘Beiräte als Chance für Klein- und Mittelunternehmen in Österreich’, Aufsichtsrat aktuell, Ausgabe 1/2019, pp. 20-22.