Center for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics


Our expertise lies with conducting research projects in the areas relevant to Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Business Strategy. We offer academic teaching in those areas and constantly aim at establishing a hub for networking between parties interested in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics.

  • From Research to Practice

    We scientifically investigate theoretical problems together with international researchers. The results are made available to different stakeholders from private companies, public institutions, non-profit- and non-governmental organizations by publishing it in various specialist media. This process enables us to provide relevant and robust practical recommendations, which can then be transformed into successful industry Projects.

  • Teaching Corporate Responsibility

    The CGBE teaches courses on Corporate Governance, Business Strategy and Business Ethics by conveying knowledge from theory and practice. The teaching offering is complemented with frequent lectures by internationally renowned academics and leading representatives from different industries. The University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication has integrated our courses as an inherent part of all its master programmes. Equally, our faculties are engaged as scientists at other international universities.

  • Connecting Research and Practice

    We see ourselves as a hub between researchers on the one hand and representatives of the practicing professions on the other in the field of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. Therefore we organize events which are equally addressed to the international research community as well as to representatives of different professional sectors. Brought together, they can create an impact beyond the scientific community and extend their expertise to civil society.



    • Nikos Passas – visiting professor at CGBE

      Nikos Passas Nikos Passas is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, and co-Director of the Institute for Security and Public Policy. He is also Visiting Professor at the Basel Institute on Governance; Visiting Professor at Vienna University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication’s Competence Center for Corporate Governance & Business Ethics; […]

    • WANTED: SMEs for research project on responsible management

      Research team is developing sustainable as well as competitive solutions for responsible management of SMEs. In cooperation with partners from leading companies and internationally renowned universities, the competence team for sustainable, strategic and opportunity-oriented management of SMEs (CR4SME) is developing tools to assist SMEs in implementing sustainable as well as competitive solutions for ethically responsible […]

    • Maria Riegler

      Maria Riegler, BSc Maria Riegler, BSc is a research associate at the Center for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics and Social Sciences from WU Vienna and is currently writing her master’s thesis in Socioeconomics. During her undergraduate […]